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Vacation 21-27

2007-12-21 01:31:58 by teomike92

C ya!


2007-12-09 15:46:25 by teomike92

I have too movies for this event. You try and make some of your own. Spread the love.


2007-12-08 03:42:34 by teomike92

Hey guys. I will change my character soon. I will show you a link when I do that.

Click this.

2007-08-16 09:23:07 by teomike92
Click it and help. with a click.

4.22 on my ClockDay movie.

2007-08-15 08:37:31 by teomike92

I finished my Clockday movie and I have great results. ^_^ yay!

Flash again!

2007-07-23 16:57:57 by teomike92

I'm starting to work on my ClockDay movie. My part for the collab is done. Now... It's time for my solo movie ^_^ wish me luck.